Epoch-making exaustion

It’s just a Sunday like many other Sundays, when I wake up realizing I “missed the derpin’ hour” and I don’t even have time to say hi to my american friends, but yet I want to enjoy my day to the fullest, and calm and nicely I browse facebook.

Msn rings and reminds me I have to scan things for my parents. Ok, just wait, I just woke up and I don’t even know who or where I am right now. Maybe it’s for the better.

I slowly realize it’s a bit too late to shake my housemate out of the bed and ask him to go and browse some stupid town here around. No big deal, I’ll just nerd around, play some videogame, whatever, you know?

Then… Facebook alerts me of yet another FEAR ‘N’ TRAGEDY autodrama from a friend, of course directed to me.  Ok, now I’m really starting to be a bit stressed out. And it’s not even a hour I’m awake.

I can’t… I just can’t take it I don’t want, I don’t fucking want to be over analyzed followed and filled with tragedies every fucking day for God’s Sake and all the angels I’m so-sick of this shit I can’t even behave anymore.

Sometimes I remember my friend who said “go learning BRASILIAN and come back with a tan speaking in a very funny way, just for the kick of it, trust me you’ll WIN.”, suggesting me to take a break for all this shit, go out and breathe a bit.

Some other times I remember another one of my friends who righfully asked me why I let people creep me out this way.

Yeah, why do I? I’d better stop.


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Just your regular twisted egomaniac
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