I hate these messages…

Boring post by girl on tumblr > I’m the girl who prefers one rose instead of a dozen. I’m the girl who would rather stay in on a Friday night than go to a wild party with random strangers. I’m the girl who wouldn’t make you wait on her hand and foot, but would do anything to make you happy. I’m the girl who would enjoy having a movie night rather than going to some fancy restaurant. I’m the girl who would rather stay up all night sharing secrets than going out and getting drunk. I’m the girl who won’t make you hold her bags, but would rather hold your hand instead. I’m the girl who will love you more than anyone can possibly dream of. I’m the girl who would give the world to see you smile.

Kei > I’m the boy who thinks a rose is a very sad present, ‘cause it withers after a while, and its soft, delicate beauty starts to represent how things in life pass by, die, and cruble in your hands.

I’m the boy who never even tought about go out in “wild parties” with random strangers not ‘cause it makes you look more smart, but because he’s not desperate. Anyway, on Friday nights, a drink with friends will do, so I’d rather go to a silent, not too crowded place than stay alone in my house trying to look smarter, when the truth is I’m alone.

I’m the boy who wouldn’t wait for your hand and foot anyway, nor wants you to try and fix his life, you don’t exist to to serve me and follow me anywhere like an annoying fanatic, so stop trying to make me happy.

I’m the boy who doesn’t want to choose between a meal and a movie, or sharing and getting some good drinks, I can do both, with or without you.

I’m the boy who thinks your bags are your businness, if you bring 15kg of crap on your shoulder, you keep ‘em. But please, don’t hold my hand just to showoff you’re in a good relationship with me, it’s really childish and stupid.

I’m the boy that maybe dreams of a girl who’ll love me a bit more than she loves her way to love. Who will love me rather than trying to save me. Who will love me rather than pointing off how much I don’t appreciate the fact she’d fuck the whole world only to make me smile.

Girl, I can smile myself. So if you need someone to babysit, buzz off.

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Just your regular twisted egomaniac
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Una risposta a I hate these messages…

  1. Marsi ha detto:

    Sei un grande.
    E sei un uomo.


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