11 viruses, 11 viruses oooon a dead man’s bed

They’re all exploits anyway, never clicked/done anything particularly damaging, they’re viruses you catch just browsing around, in a land full of ads when danger is right behind the corner…

I’m in a “checklist” mood. I realized I still have to do a lots of things I promised I’d do, and it’s definitely taking too long, so I’ll *really* start doing everything, one by one.

Sometimes I feel a bit stupid when I realize I get a bit annoyed by people’s attitude, but then mine doesn’t help at all. And sometimes I really look like I don’t give a shit about anyone and anything, wich is absolutely not true.

Today, I felt like writing even if I don’t have anything particular to write about. To be completely honest, I’d have a LOT to write about if I was someone who liked to share his toughts no matter what they are about. That’s what “personal blogs” should be, afterall. I used to do that a lot, send my toughts to a world I truely wished would understand.

Now there are things I’m afraid to tell even to myself. Maybe “afraid” isn’t the right word. Maybe it’s “ashamed”. Or maybe even “hurt”, “delusional”. Filled with wishes I don’t even dare to admit I wish.

So what am I supposed to write here? Just boring rants about a life that is nice enough not to rant too much, afterall.

Should I tell how much I’m trying to get over my hatred for stupid girls, but they always find a brand new way to make it difficult? Come on that’s no news.

So well, I think I’ll just open a word file, fill it with things I would never dare saying, then pass-protect it and forever forget about its very existence.

I can’t help but feeling like this is wrong, like I’m closing up too much. But maybe I was too open before.


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