3 dreams in a row!

Tonight was a very peculiar and long night. I went back home quite late, but this didn’t stop the bad effects a hot weather does on my body. Adding the effects of trains (they magically drain my energy out NdK), in the end I was half-dead, having to face 4 floors of stairs and a house that absolutely NEEDED a change of air.

I obviously crashed on the bed right after I finished to eat, even if I had to do some other things before, and got up at 7.00 am raging for the things I skipped, then got back to sleep.

In this big amount of time I had 3 strange dreams in a row.

In the first dream, me and my most loved friends (both RL and internet ones) formed a group and we had to go to buy STRIPED SOCKS, I don’t know for what reason, but it seemed damn vital. Just like, striped socks (over-knee lenght!) influenced the way our whole life would have gone. We discussed over colors, if we had to buy all the same or some different ones, if we had to buy small colorful stripes or big bi-colored ones bla bla none of us would probably ever WEAR those things, considering we’re all either really fat, men, or with a very different style.

Anyway, in the end the dream was interrupted by the dream of a CARD. Out of nowhere, it came out a card, as if you can see it on a screen. On the card, there was printed a lady with long dark reddish hair and a round face, she looked a lot like Sally from nightmare before christmas, in human, cute and non-stitched version. She had a black long dress and a very pale skin, a very annoyed glance that used to stare at me right between the eyes, accusing me of something. Over her, there was a big moon that lighted up the rest of the card, very gothic style, there was a forest or something behind, it wasn’t very clear, it was very dark and blue-ish. The card spoke (without moving at all), and asked me “where the fuck are you?!!!”, then I suddently woke up. As soon as I realized it was a dream, I went back to sleep.

It was uncommonly creepy, maybe a day I’ll try to draw it.

The piece about the socks, what the hell??? I should search into dream dictionary just to see what it says about it, ahaha xD

The last dream was me at a wedding, I don’t know whose wedding, I was just ravashing the buffet with some people. They all spoke english and commented my funny accent and voice. =__=;;; I tried to shut up the more I could. Then somebody came near me and told me I’d better look for a serious job, and while he was explaining to me why should I look for a job in a very far away land I don’t even know where it was, he escorted me to see the “wall of truth”, and told me, “that’s why”. I looked at the wall, and there was written “YOU SUCK” Great. I took (‘cause naturally I ALWAYS carry it in my pants, expecially at weddings) a green permanent marker, and I wrote under it “YOU suck!”. When I turned back around a lot of people was applauding the wall, staring in wonder at his many many truths. They didn’t even see me anymore and acted like it wrote the second you suck by itself. “What a wonderful show of magic!!!”.

And just like that, confused, I woke up.


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