Maybe my first impression was right afterall, and not just a defense.

Or maybe I’m so bitter and angry lately I tend to see everything dark, as usual. But how am I supposed to feel when I notice no matter how much I do, every little flaw of me will be always valued 3 times a good feature? Even from friends who are supposed to know me very well, and from a very very long time…

Even from people I value a lot.

I’m not perfect bitches, so what damnit. I always been unperfect and everyone will always be, so get off the throne and give me a break.

You should learn to watch a bit more for what people have to GIVE you instead of eternally getting behind a wall of razorblades ‘cause they can actually hurt you. Get some REAL backbone and not just a stupid attitude as if  you have to show something to a world that doesn’t really care what you’re meant to “show”.

No heart can be mended if nobody can reach it. Besides, even the most old and caring of friends can get tired of trying to be helpful and there for you, and only get kicked in the ass for it.

I don’t think I deserve all this from you losers, lost in some eternal self delusional illusions made of carefully planned “epic wins”, when the truth is chaos, apathy and stress is what really leads your lives since an awful lot of time.

It’s time for me to stop being kind just because I AM kind, no matter how troubled and sick and uncaring people is around me. You blasted egoists shouldn’t even dare going emo for you feel lonely and hurt with a very few exceptions. That’s all your doing, all your fault. Watch what you do to people for once instead of pointing your fingers against everyone else for the sake of feeling “better than them” or stating they’re guilty of Gods know what damn crime against your majesty, you sad, unsensitive and unaware little morons!!!

I’m so sick of getting attached to shitheads…

Why the hell do I always do it.

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