Internet Addiction Disorder ?

On a forum I occasionally write in, there was an article (one of the many articles on the subject) about I.A.D., wich basically identified addiction to the internet as something that destroys your reality, your social and work life, something you basically tend to deny attacking whoever suggests you to turn off the PC, and modifies the concept itself of “identity” in people who are affected.

The post claims people tend to build an ideal enviroment in order to deceive and please themselves, that reality keeps under “check”, and the more this goes on, the less they can stay without their merry fake world.

What do you think of it?

I am, without any doubt, an internet addict.

But I don’t think my life has been “killed” by the internet at all, my “virtuality” and my “reality” peacefully coexist, and help each other.

It surely modified my way to see myself and other people, but in a very good and useful way: more than a risk, it has been a cure to me, a cure to my original (and luckily gone) fatalist, snob and full of anger attitude.

I’m on the internet since a lot of time, since 1995, and it’s really easy for me to identify scams and traps you can fall into. Despite that, I don’t deny that after 2 or 3 days I’m away from a PC, I start to really get bored, and whenever I can, I want to be able to pass at least one hour online, or long enough to chit-chat with some distant friend about what happens. If I can’t, I feel sad, ‘cause virtuality is, anyway, a part of my life even if not my whole life.

The internet is not only a  vortex that risks to suck up your life. It’s also a fast, useful way to do things you’d normally do without the pc, but in a larger amount of time. Considering this, I think it’s perfectly normal to get used to it, to a point you may feel uncomfortable without it. I personally don’t like much articles and theories that demonize anything involving a pc, from the web to videogames. Maybe it’s part of attacking whoever suggests to turn off the pc xD who knows.

In all these years, I’ve been “fake” just for a relatively small amout of time, but it was oriented to a virtual world, and I did it without changing my attitude. I’m one of the few people I know who acts the same online and offline, so I don’t think I suffer any “compensation” problem, aside for an identity problem I suffered before the internet anyway.

So where is the excess? I think it’s easy to indentify.

When you pass a long amount of time without the internet, and you feel bored, and you miss your friends, and you want to go back doing what you did, it’s normal.

When you pass a long amount of time without the internet, and you feel as if your whole life has been shattered and broken, you definitely have a problem.

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