I tought about it talking with a friend, today.

When I was a child I used to program my computer so that it would answer my questions and “chat” with me. I spent quite a lot of time doing that, and trying to draw with ASCII symbols.

I used to dream of a future when a pc would allow me to draw, and to chat, play and share with people, replacing the telephone I used to hate so much. It really happened.

When it comes to the internet, I believe something.

I think we’re people behind screens, not screens masking and defending, or trapping people.  I think those screens connect us, they don’t divide us. They shorten distances, they don’t make ‘em worst.

The rest is up to us, and what we are or decide to be.

Deceptions and perceptions are only on different bases. Excess trust is stupid, no trust at all is a self harming excess of defense. Nothing different from “real life”, but rather a part of it.


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