Vent and forget

In dreams I drag around people I’ll never even manage to see, in dreams I share things I’ll probably never manage to share. I Say things as they come in my mind, I follow my will and around my will a lot of things evolve and distort.

In dreams I “have” people I’d never even dare to try and touch.

In dreams I have a lot of fun, everything is potentially possible, and I know I can say the same about life, but.

But then I wake up overhearing something like “Oh my God, does he ever turn off that thing?”, talking about my pc. I wake up and I notice I don’t remember how did I fall asleep.

I wake up and nobody is online, and nothing is really there, ready to fill my empty, lazy, solitary routine. The weather outside is grey, grey is the only word that could describe it. And it doesn’t even snow, will it ever snow this year?

My father roams around the house completely naked, and it’s not a nice view. If I wanted I could see THINGS you humans can’t even imagine, but I definitely don’t want to…

I wake up and I know I have to get a grip and do something to make this day better than it started. There is a lot of things to do, and yeah, I feel a bit alone, but I can ignore it.

I feel a bit sad, but I can ignore it. Sadness only brings to more sadness, right?

So I vent and forget, until I’ll finally be able to change things a bit.

Vent and forget, put a smile on your face and move on.

You usually show up when I try and lament a lot of pointless things, it’s something that always make me laugh, it’s like something in the world is telling me to shut up and stop the emo rage, and delete it even before posting it.

This time it won’t probably happen.

Vent and forget.

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Just your regular twisted egomaniac
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