It’s weird if I think about it…

Maybe it’s really a new beginning.

I seriously didn’t have any doubts about who to stay with and why, today.

Hurrying up to log in and meet people who either left me to rot in hell twice or even three times, or claimed to want me around then never even bothered to alert me they were online, in a place that really doesn’t own anything about me anymore… Or stay and chat and laugh with people who actually enjoy my company?

Once I would have wondered why the hell that happened, and I would have lamented a lot about how it wasn’t fair etc, and I eventually would have given up, running after these morons.

Now, fuck them.

Fuck them all.

There are a very few things I really care about right now. Whatever is left behind should think a while about why it happened. I’m done with the thinking, it’s your turn now.

I never complained physical absence, it happens, it’s life, it’s nobody’s fault. We’re all busy and we all go separate ways. It’s their thought that left me, that is what really used to hurt.

But no more. I had fun today, I was happy.

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