Weird dream…

Today I had another weird dream full of wasps and strange details. The wasps didn’t sting this time and weren’t HUGE and with an evil mouth under as the last time, so I was partially relieved, but still I tried to analyse the dream according to dream dictionary… That’s the result… Lol…

The subject saw his nurturing aspect, the one that brings guidance and protection, carrying some aspects, to show him.
One of these aspects is he might be underestimating his own abilities, his playful side, and this feeling barely hangs on a barrier that contains his knowledge and his emotional healing, causing him to hide his self-worth and stored potential.
Another one is that he believes that his wisdom and self sheltering nature would harm him and bring unsolved things to him, if it wasn’t for the fact that he aknowledged, but not confronted his emotions.
His huge passivity and overprotection, that is not making him see things clearly, is slowly starting to melt away.
Wisdom apparently is casually able to partially pass through this overprotective and passive nature, but is still blocked by it. The barrier is unnecessarily oversized.

The scene then changed, and he saw Evil, anger and negative feelings happily flying together with happenings in his life he sees as big deals.
They got to intrude his privacy and made him feel exposed getting through a flaw into his thinking process, making him feel anxious and full of doubts about himself, fearing hurtful actions that might happen, but didn’t yet.
He fears his indipendent spirit and power might be in danger, even if it seems to handle the situation well.
He also fears to appear/be undesirable.


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