Me, first things that come into my mind

I am…  Two
I want… Peace
I have…  Massive trust issues
I wish… Things went like I wanted in my relationship life (two lovers who fucking accept each other’s existance without feeling less loved or refusing to consider a not monogamous relationship, for starters)
I hate…  Selfish and judgemental people
I fear…  To die before I left a mark of some kind
I search for…  A way to be balanced
I wonder…  If I’ll always feel like there is no way I could share all the things I want to.
I regret…  Not reacting the right way when it made sense to
I never…  Eat peppers. No seriously, I hate them
I always…  Chase what I cannot have
I usually…  Read people very well, unless I *love* them (in a completely romantic way), then I don’t understand shit anymore, and it’s BAD for me.
I dance… only in Second Life
I sing…  When a song seems to sing about me
I often…  Procrastinate
I sometimes…  Wish I had someone to take a frequent nice walk with during the day.
I cry…  When I’m VERY angry, or I have a sudden, heavy sense of failure
I need…  More money
I should…  Finish up a lot of things I started
I love… Life, despite the fact it might very often look boring, unfair and despicable

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Just your regular twisted egomaniac
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