Self-Awareness Questions

1. Would you rate yourself as happy or unhappy? What has the greatest impact on your happiness?

I’d say I’m a content-to-happy person. Even tho I often rant about stuff, I don’t feel particularly unhappy, nor I really feel the luckiest person in the world. It’s a nice warm feeling spiked with some moments of pain, being uncertain about things, and being a lot annoyed by stupid stuff.

2. Are there any areas of your life where you feel you are out of control?

Love, love is out of control. I’m not very scared about it, I think that’s how it should be.

3. Do you prefer a tidy, organised environment or a chaotic, disorganised environment?

I prefer a tidy and organised enviroment that doesn’t feel like you never actually lived there. Some signs of the things you use most here and there will not hurt the general feeling of “tidyness” in my book. But yeah sometimes my enviroment gets chaotic as fuck, because I’m too distracted and lazy. Also, it seems the more unhappy and worried I am, the more I tend to leave stuff where it is, without ever cleaning up. I hate to see it tho.

4. Are you more attracted to something if you know it is forbidden?

Logically, no. A forbidden thing  is something you can not have, so why to even bother pursuing it? – But hey attraction is not a logic thing, so definitely yes. I think it’s a “nothing is forbidden to me” kind of arrogance.

5. Are you motivated, or demotivated, by competition?

Demotivated, it makes me want to quit whatever things we’re competing about. I never START competition, I hate it. I have a strong ideal of collaboration and I don’t want to lose my time doing something I really find disgraceful.

6. Are you a leader or a follower?

I don’t know how to decide things for people. It makes me anxious. I like to follow and stay in the shadows. Then again, most of times for obscure reasons, I get dragged in the leader position, and I mostly handle it well only if I work with efficience-oriented people. Socially, I am a harsh, honest but blunt disaster, I would need a diplomat to talk in my name.

7. Do you find it easier to do things for others than to do things for yourself?

Absolutely yes. It motivates me more, like it gives me the feeling I am actually being useful and loyal to the concept of life itself: leaving a mark in your surrounding, making some difference for someone else than you, living on into that difference forever.

8. Do you have clear boundaries or do people walk all over you?

I barely know you? Die in a corner, I won’t even notice, try to step on me and I will destroy you without even blinking an eye. You are a friend? Less boundaries. I love you? Sadly, even less boundaries, I generally reduce myself to an entity that dodges shots smiling and having way too much patience. So much patience that people tend to forget to respect me like they would respect a normal person, because, you know, I understand! But I’m learning to change that.

9. Are you a morning or a night person?

Night person. Definitely a night person.

10. Does being around people energise you or wear you out?

It wears me out like an entire day of hard work in a mining site. After a whole day of PEOPLE I end up so mentally exausted I can’t even think straight and I collapse wherever I sit.

11. Do you prefer to be in the spotlight or the background?

Background is where I roll, baby. Sometimes spotlight hits me, ad it leaves me there wondering “why?”, and “now what am I to do?”

12. If you could change one thing in your life, what would that one thing be?

Not so soon, I suppouse, but yeah, obviously there is something that I’d like to change. Many things had to change and we’re actively working on that. But, there is something that doesn’t depend on my actions only, and yeah. I wish it was a bit different. Not that it doesn’t work now, no, not THAT different, but, one little step different, maybe? But maybe I don’t know what I am wishing for. Too many “maybe”s.

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